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On Tuesday 4 April 2023 for our webinar IBS and Stress Management with stress management consultant Sophie West took place. Sophie discussed strategies to reduce stress, helping you to live better with your IBS.

Our webinars have proved very popular.

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The cost of the webinar is £5 to members and £15 to non-members.


To receive the member discount, please sign in to your account. BEFORE PURCHASING the webinar.

When you have signed in to your membership account, please purchase the webinar through The IBS Network shop. Your discount will then be automatically applied. Remember to check your JUNK folder if you don’t see the link to the webinar in your INBOX within 15 minutes of purchase.

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After you have made your purchase you will recieve twoo emails from us 

The first email will be a confirmation of your purchase and the second will contain the link to downlad the recorded webinar.

This will automatically be sent to the email address from which you made your purchase. Please make sure you purchase the webinar using the email address that you would like the link to be sent to. 

If you do not receive the link to the webinar in your INBOX within an hour of purchasing, CHECK your JUNK folder.

About Sophie

Sophie West is a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, stress management consultant, and talking therapies adviser to The IBS Network.

For many years, Sophie struggled to manage her own IBS, but then she tried hypnotherapy, and it changed her life. Better understanding and feeling in control of her IBS, she trained as a hypnotherapist and stress management consultant so she could help others.

Sophie works with clients suffering from a range of long-term conditions, including IBS, stress, anxiety, depression and addictions. Her informed approach uses the latest scientific research to advantageously create effective sessions which helps to replace unwanted thoughts or behaviours with more positive ones.

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